Efergy Elite Classic, Wireless Electricity Monitor – Three phase


What is it?

  • The Elite Classic Electricity Monitor is a low cost, easy to use device, that will help you understand domestic electricity consumption.
  • The wireless and portable monitor shows your energy usage and costs in real-time.

Why use it?

  • Understand your electricity usage better, you can walk around the house with the monitor, and observe the impact of switching things on and off.
  • Avoid surprises on your electricity bill, by monitoring and knowing how much electricity you have used each day and each month.
  • By being more aware of your current, and daily electricity consumption, you can manage your electricity consumption better, and reduce it by switching off unnecessary items.
  • Identify high electricity usage appliances, and take action to replace it with more efficient appliances, for example, LED lights or A+ rated fridges.
  • Planning to install a solar power system? Knowing the amount of electricity you use per day, and per month, will give you an indication of what size solar system and battery you will need.
  • Planning to install a backup power system, generator or UPS? Knowing how much power all the devices you would like to supply backup power to draws at once, will give you a good indication of what size generator, UPS or Inverter for backup power you need to buy.

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How does it work?

The Efergy Elite Classic Wireless Electricity Monitor is simple to install and easy to use.

  • A mini current sensor is clipped on to the supply cables.
  • A lead from the current sensor is plugged into the energy transmitter, which then wirelessly sends real-time data to the energy monitor.
  • The monitor receives the data and displays the electricity usage in kilowatts of energy being consumed at any given time.
  • The monitor can be programmed for various rates, ensuring that the cost of your energy is accurate.


  • Portable, compact design.
  • View instant power and cost.
  • Historical data (day, week & month).
  • Tracks your carbon emissions.
  • Shows room temperature & humidity.
  • View your average energy consumption.
  • Audio alert indication of power excess.
  • Multi-tariff ready.
  • Holds up to 24-month data.

How is it installed?


For information purposes, this is how it will be Installed

  • Locate your distribution board and remove the front cover.
  • Locate the main live supply cable from the electricity supplier.
  • Clip the current sensor around this live supply cable.
  • Insert 3 x AA batteries (Not included) into the transmitters and then plug the current sensor into the transmitter.
  • Insert 3 x AA batteries (Not included) into the display,
  • To link the transmitted and the display, press and hold the link button until the 4 dashes flash on the screen. Then press once the link button on the transmitter to complete the pairing process.
  • Complete the desired settings of your monitor, e.g. time, date, voltage, currency etc and start watching how you consume electricity.

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