Commercial solar and backup power

Solar and Backup Power Solutions

We understand the effect that power outages, high inflation, and continuous overhead costs are having on South African enterprises. Our commercial solar and backup power solutions provide dependable power backup and long-term cost savings that are tailored to the financial requirements of your company.

Commercial solar and backup power
Commercial Solar and Battery Backup Power, Affordable, reliable, sustainable electricity for your business.

Affordable, reliable, sustainable electricity for your business.

Electricity from solar panels is dependable, sustainable and significantly reduces operating expenses, such as the high cost of fuel for diesel generators. By making an investment in solar PV, you can maximize profits and long-term savings while enjoying decades of essentially cost-free electricity. You can recover your investment in 4 to 9 years.

Safety & Quality Are Our Top Priorities

At GES, our dedication to excellence is reflected in our strict adherence to SANS electrical standards, and PV GreenCard certification by SAPVIA. We carry out installations with the highest precision and expertise thanks to our knowledgeable team of professionals, on completion, we provide an Electrical Certificate of Compliance (CoC).  This certification ensures your peace of mind by guaranteeing compliance to all safety standards.

Commercial solar safety

12 Years

Experience in solar PV and backup power


Receive a Certificate of Compliance by Qualified Professionals

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support after installation for optimal performance

Types of Commercial Solutions

Our team of experts will evaluate your energy usage and needs to recommend the optimal energy system for you. One of the great advantages of solar energy is its modularity, allowing you to expand your system as your business expands or your energy requirements change over time. These are the four most common types of energy systems:

Off-Grid System

An Off-Grid system would be used for the supply of energy throughout the day and night, thus creating an independent supply from the grid with full remote monitoring activities.

Grid-Tie System

A Grid-Tie system ensures that supplemented energy supply during the day is feeding the load from the renewable energy source, or is feeding excess energy back to the national grid.

Hybrid System

A Hybrid system is generally used for the domestic, small industry and agricultural markets. Lodges and mines have also utilized these energy systems.

Backup System

A Backup system is used to store excess energy produced by the solar panels for later use, or as a stand-alone system, it can supply continuous power when the grid fails (UPS) to maintain continuous operations.

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