Here is a list of systems that Green Energy Solutions have installed over the years. We pride ourselves on our after-sales service and support. References for any of these systems are available on request.

NameProject Size PV (kWp)TypeInverter Make and ModelInverter size (kVA)Battery MakeBattery Size (kWh)
Johann F3Grid tiedSolar Edge, SE50005
Micheal G5Grid tiedSolar Edge, SE50005
Geoff P5.46Hybrid-DC CoupledVictron Quattro10FreedomWon15
Carima3Grid tiedMicro care3
HarttmanBackup OnlyVictron3FreedomWon10
Lwazi B5.46Hybrid-DC CoupledVictron Quattro10FreedomWon15
Meg P4.68Hybrid-AC CoupledSMA Sunny Island & SunnyBoy64.1
Ralph R5Hybrid-AC CoupledSMA88.3
Martin P7Hybrid-DC CoupledVictron8FreedomWon15
Johanathan 5Hybrid-AC CoupledSMA8
Foxdale Court 100Grid tiedSMA10
Asnath M3Grid tiedSolar Edge, SE40004
Cedric L5Hybrid-AC CoupledSolar Edge and PowerWall5Tesla10
Jonah N4.75Hybrid-DC CoupledVictron Quattro8FreedomWon15
Ruth K4.05Hybrid-DC CoupledVictron Quattro8FreedomWon10
Crock lodge14Grid tiedSolar Edge12
Michael G1.925Grid tiedSolarEdge
Robert L1.32Hybrid-DC CoupledVictron MP23Pylontech3.5
Linda P3.55Hybrid-DC CoupledVictron MP25Pylontech10.5
Jeff C4.02Hybrid-DC CoupledVictron MP25Pylontech22
ALZU pig genetics0.3Off-GridOmnipower1Omnipower1.2
Paruk I0Backup OnlyVictron MP25Pylontech10
JC S0Backup OnlyVictron MP23Omnipower4.1
Robert L2.88Hybrid-DC CoupledVictron MP25Pylontech7.5
Dynamic Identification Systems2.43Hybrid-DC CoupledVictron MP5Sirius7
Ally R3.2Hybrid-DC CoupledVictron MP25FreedomWon10
Geur MBackup OnlyVictron MP25Bulls Battery5.1
Michael A4.7Hybrid-DC CoupledVictron Quattro8FreedomWon10