What is the difference between an UPS and a backup system?

An UPS supplies backup power and a backup power system can function as an UPS. But there are some key differences in functionality and what we define as a Backup system and as an UPS.

UPS Systems Backup power systems
  • Is typically small and portable in an enclosure.
  • Supplies power at one point through a multi-plug to certain devices.
  • Is not compatible with solar power.
  • Is limited to the amount of power can supplies, typically less than 3 kW.
  • Is permanently installed.
  • Is typically integrated into a buildings distribution board and provide backup power to certain circuits.
  • It is compatible with solar power and can intelligently manage the flow of energy between solar panels, batteries and a grid.
  • It’s not that limited to the amount of power can supply, one inverter can supply up to 15 kW.