New high-efficiency solar panels available

Back in 2013 when GES started supplying and installing solar panels. The standard panel that was available and was installed was 250 Watt and the price incl VAT was R 3 100.00. Today, 6 years later, the same physical size panel supply 315 Watt and cost R 2 450.00.

That is an increase in efficiency of 65 Watt, or 20%. This means you can fit 20% more power now on the same roof area than just 6 years ago!  And a price reduction of R 650.00, or 20%.

This was possible due to mass production and continued research and improvements in solar panel technology. Theoretically, the maximum efficiency of silicon solar panels has been reached. We have reached a price point now that further noteworthy reduction is solar panels cost is not possible. It is really exciting to be in this industry and to see the improvements over time. Panels will not get much cheaper or any more efficient now.  There has never been a better time to go solar than right now.

More information on the solar panels we supply and install now can be found here:

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