Plug-in grid-tied solar system – 650 Watt


Plug-in grid-tied solar systems are small scale solar power systems that require no installation. It supplies solar power directly to all the appliances in your house. If your house uses more power than what it can supply, the rest is supplied by the grid.

This solution is ideal if.

  • You are living in a flat with no roof space
  • You have limited space for solar panels on your roof.
  • You want to save money on your electricity bill.
  • You want to start with a small investment.

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How does it work?

  • a Plug-in grid-tied solar system works as follows.
  • The solar panel converts sunlight into DC (direct current) power
  • A micro-inverter converts DC to AC (Alternating current) power.
  • The micro-inverter synchronises with the frequency of the grid and feeds back the generated power to the grid.
  • Your electricity meter turns backwards
  • Your electricity bill is reduced

How is it installed?

  • Mount the solar panel on your roof or balcony
  • Connect the panel to the micro-inverter
  • Plugin the micro-inverter into a wall plug

System Components

  • Solar panel
  • Mounting system
  • Micro-inverter
  • Wall plug


Solar panel – JA Solar 325W Mono MBB Percium Half-Cell All Black x 2

solar panel

  • Rating: 325W
  • Efficiency: 19.3%
  • Width: 996mm
  • Height: 1,689mm
  • Weight: 18 kg




Mounting system

Solar panel mounting system

  • 4 x End Clamps
  • 4 x Attachment for hanger bolt
  • 4 x Hanger bolt kit 10×200
  • Module bearing profile – 4.2 m



Micro inverter


  • Single Microinverter connects two modules
  • 600W Maximum output power
  • Individual MPPT for each module
  • High Reliability: NEMA6(IP67) enclosure, 6000V surge protection




Frequently Asked Questions for Plug-in grid-tied solar system

What happens in the event of a power failure?

By design the system switches off immediately and automatically. This is as per requirements and for safety. As the system is a grid-tied system, it required a grid to opperate.

If I want to add more panels later on, is that possible?

Yes, the system can easily be expanded to add more inverters and panels later on. The one micro-inverter just plugs into the next one.

How much power and costs can I save?

Illustrative example

A system installed

  • Location: Johannesburg
  • Incline: 25 degrees
  • Orientation: North
  • System size: 650 Watt

Amount of energy that will be produced per year: 1040 kWh (kilowatt-hours)

If you pay per kWh: R 3.00,

Then the yearly saving will be R 3120

The payback on this system will be Less than three years.

To calculate how much you can save, download our “Plug-in grid-tied systems – Energy and cost savings calculator” by clicking here.


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