How does a “Hybrid Solar Power System” work

How does a “Hybrid Solar Power System” work

Solar Power

Even in the Event of Grid Failure

How the GES Hybrid Power System Works

Fast and Reliable

The starting point is the PV system: during normal operation, one or more Sunny Boys feed the solar power generated by the PV system into the public grid, with high efficiency.

Only in the event of a grid fault or failure does the Sunny Backup system become active. The switching device disconnects the PV system and the loads from the grid in compliance with the appropriate standard.

While the system is switched to the domestic grid, the battery continues the loads’ power supply after

just 20 milliseconds. And the Sunny Backup 5000 functions as a “system manager”, coordinating all switching operations such as disconnection from

the grid, and transfer to the PV system, for example. Thus, every grid failure is compensated reliably

Economical and Innovative

In parallel to this, the PV system acts as energy source for the direct supply of loads, and for battery charging. Due to the integration of the PV system, a small and therefore low-cost battery can be implemented, as it is usually only needed to bridge the night hours.

With this combination of PV system and battery, the loads can be supplied with energy over long periods of operation, even in the event of a power outage. One of the prerequisites for this is consistent use of AC coupling in order to enable smooth interplay between the Sunny Backup and the solar inverters.