Solar Edge Commercial Grid tied system.

Solar Edge Commercial Grid tied system.

Green Energy Solutions installed a pilot Solar Edge Grid tied system, for a factory in Midrand, in January 2015.

This system will be used to create actual production data, which will then be used to determine the financial viability and ROI of a larger system.  As they are on a time of use based tariff, having actual production data will create an accurate indication of what a larger system can do for them.

The size of the system is 5 kWp, with a 3 phase SolarEdge inverter.

The cost of the system was around: R120 000.00
Monthly they are saving on average 800 kWh off their electricity bill.
Giving a payback or around 8 years.

As this is a small pilot project, the cost per installed kWp is relatively high.
The cost per installed kWp does come down with larger installations, causing the payback period to decrease to around 6 or 7 years.

Solar Edge’s superior monitoring and reporting features, makes it very easy to monitor a solar plant, and makes visible, exactly what the solar plant is producing.Current Power Reporting
Instantaneous and historic energy production reporting available on the Solar Edge monitoring portal.
Panel layout and produciton
Solar Edge reports the production for each panel. This makes monitoring and trouble shooting much easier.

Solar Edge Production Graph

Daily energy production reporting.